Ethans Heart by Vickie King

img_1847By Vickie King
Genre: Historical Romance/Western

Sheriff Ethan Blackwood is obsessed with bringing his wife’s killers to justice. A simple errand at the Cooper’s Creek Bank put her in the middle of a robbery-turned-bloodbath. Ethan vows to find the outlaws, but he needs a caretaker for his two small daughters.

After killing her stepfather, an abusive, heartless man who wagered her in a poker game, Annie Benton Holt is on the run—with a weak, newborn baby. Even though she killed the man in a struggle for her own life, when her stepbrothers find out she’s killed their father they’ll be out for blood. If the law doesn’t put a noose around her neck first.

When the baby’s health forces Annie to stop in Cooper’s Creek, she is befriended by the town’s doctor. Broke, homeless, and with her baby’s health unstable, the doctor proposes a marriage-of-convenience between her and his widowed brother. Annie believes this mutual arrangement is the perfect solution.

But her perfect solution has a major flaw. The doctor’s brother—and Annie’s new husband—is the sheriff of Cooper’s Creek.


img_2071Vickie King’s new book takes her writing back to her first love: historical Western. She’s happy to present ETHAN’S HEART, the book of her own heart and the first in her new Historical Western Series, The Blackwood Brothers. She is also author of the contemporary romance series, The Braddocks. Book One, Carly’s Rule, and Book Two, Dusty’s Fate, are available in paperback and ebook.

Vickie is from a small town in West Virginia. She transplanted to Florida in 1994, and while she loves living in the sunshine state, now and then she misses watching the seasons go through their changes. If she closes her eyes, she can still imagine herself standing on the deck of her family home, staring out over the hills and valleys that will always be a part of her.

Vickie is previously published in short fiction with both romance and mystery for Woman’s World Magazine. She is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA) and a local chapter, Ancient City Romance Authors (ACRA), where she is a past president.

Vickie has four grown children, five grandchildren, and a Chihuahua named Bentley. She has the best family and friends anyone could have. Her blog, Heartstrings, features interviews with authors as well as other publishing industry professionals.


A historical romance, Vickie King brings crime, passion, drama, and suspense together in a page turning novel. To get on with this review I would like to thank Vickie King for opening my eyes to historical romances. I have never ever liked historical romances, I personally always thought they sounded a little boering, so I never stepped out of my comfort zone to read  one. But Ethans Heart really made me appreciate the “art” and felling that a historical romance can bring.

This novel is a good read I will give it this, but if you do not like reading stories that rush in or don’t go into tremendous detail and description then this may not be the book for you. But hey give it a shot! King does do an amazing job creating a suspsenful romantic story but the characters in my opinion were not put into a good descriptive light. Along with that I believe that the story kind of rushed. And if anyone has read my reviews in the past I really don’t like books that rush. I felt that when Annie and Ethan met it was okay but then after a few pages it seemed like they jumped in and became were madly in love when his wife had only been killed a little while back in the story.

But overall this book held my interest which I personally didn’t think it would, and that’s why I think I liked this story so much.  Not only was the writing good and the story interesting, it took me  by surprise. I give Vickie Kings novel Ethans Heart 4 stars!





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