On The Cozy Book Nook you’ll find 2 things: a rating and a book review. We do things a little different, instead of using traditional stars, we use rating coffee stains! Coffee is a big factor when staying up late to read books!


5 Coffee Stains:

This book is AMAZING, go purchase it, or download it! This is a must read and I would read it again and again! I recommend reading it ASAP!


4 Coffee Stains:

This book is pretty good, I would consider reading I again, had some flaws but I do like it.


3 Coffee Stains:

This book was interesting, but it’s not for me and I probably wouldn’t read it again.


2 Coffee Stains:

This book was bad but not horrible, if you consider reading it don’t purchase it.


1 Coffee Stain:

This book was horrible don’t bother reading it or getting it.